Since being organized as a congregation in 1908, Trinity has sent many women and men into wider vocational ministry.  Such vocational ministry has especially edified the various arms of the Reformed Church in America (missionaries, ministers, professors…).  This part of our missional “dna” continues through our partnerships with Western Theological Seminary (Holland) and Princeton Theological Seminary (Princeton, NJ).  Since 2003, Trinity has served as a teaching church and/or church home to these seminary students:  Rev. Angie Mabry-Nauta, Rev. Andrea Poppleton, Rev. Drew Poppleton, Rev. Miriam Ippel Barnes, Rev. Dustyn Keepers, Rev. Nate Pyle, Rev. Mark Milkamp, Rev. Katie Kooyman, Rev. Katie Baker Beukema, Rev. Rachel Bush, Wayne Bowerman, Jeff Knol, Steve Wiltjer, Rev. Karen Jackson, Daniel Michael, Nate Johnson, Megan Sweet, Kerri Vryhof, Rev. Garret Szantner, Grace Miguel Cipriano, and Anna Gordon.