In response to God’s love made known to us through the Word and the work of the Holy Spirit . . .

We believe God made a good, diverse creation,

and we celebrate the way God’s image is revealed through human diversity.

We believe God is reconciling all of creation through Jesus Christ,

and we receive this gift by uniting as one body.

We believe God’s Spirit calls us to join in this work of reconciliation,

and we respond by living as an open and affirming community of Christ-followers—

blessed and strengthened by the rich diversity of lived experience, economic circumstance, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, abilities, and interests present among and around us.

Trinity Reformed Church welcomes all people into the full life and ministry of the church.

-ALL races and ethnicities
-ALL religions
-ALL countries of origin 
-ALL gender identities
-ALL sexual orientations 
-ALL abilities and disabilities
-ALL spoken languages 
-ALL ages