In baptism, we are engrafted into the story of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Teaching that story and faithfully equipping one another for the work of the story is a fundamental task of the church. We gladly participate with God in growing and being grown in this gift of discipleship.


*In corporate worship, we hear and rehearse God’s amazing narrative of salvation (including Children and Worship Centers for our children).

*During the weekly Second Hour, we explore and respond to God’s story being lived out in the world today.

*During Wednesday evening Midweek Mannas, we gather for table fellowship and creative expressions of discipleship.

*During Ministry Team Meetings, groups focusing on the work of the church carve time to care for one another and grow through study and discernment.

*During bible studies, prayer meetings, youth group gatherings, profession of faith classes, mission trips, special Sundays, potluck dinners, and so much more, we grow in Christ.

More information can be found on this site, but even better, you are warmly invited to talk with:

Amanda McElroy (451-4131 (x3) for questions and ideas involving children and their families.  This includes Children and Worship and other resources to help our children grow.

Benjamin or Sarah (451-4131 (x1), for questions and ideas involving adult discipleship, baptism, and professions of faith.