At Trinity, we believe the generations enrich each other. Therefore, throughout the year,  we try to balance times and seasons of multigenerational worship with seasons of separate, age-appropriate worship.  At certain times during the church year, all of God’s people at Trinity worship together.  These times typically include Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter, the first Sunday of each month, and the summer months.  From September – mid-May, we offer separate, age-appropriate worship centers for children 2 years old – 5th grade. 

children learning
Children in Worship

Lifelong Learning
The spiritual life is ordinary everyday life, lived in ever-deepening and loving relationship with God, with all people, and with creation itself. The discipleship process gives such life direction and depth. The Reformed Church in America has defined discipleship as the process of following Jesus Christ and becoming like him in all we think, say, and do, for the purpose of being the very presence of Christ in a lost and broken world so loved by God.  This journey begins as a child, an infant at baptism, and continues our whole life long. Our ministry for children is designed to bring them the stories of God in such a way that they begin to appropriate those stories as their story and experience the reconciling love of God.  We also place emphasis on praying for and with our children and teaching them to pray.

Worship Centers – A Special Place, A Special Time
Young children experience many things which they do not have adequate language to articulate, including the presence of God and the mysteries of life, growth, and change.  Time spent in our age-appropriate worship centers with trained worship leaders allows children to deepen their relationship with God and provides language and validation for their experiences.  The essential stories they hear in their worship centers help them form their identity as belonging to the people of God (based on the excellent Godly Play and Young Children and Worship curriculums), and they carry this sense of identity with them into corporate worship and their daily lives.

For children in 3rd – 5th grades, the worship center format continues using the Eyes To See curriculum, which is specifically written for this age range.  Worship in these centers connects and builds upon the stories heard in earlier years.  In addition, children are invited to explore a wide variety of different styles of prayer as they journey through the 3rd – 5th grade years.