children’s and youths’ advent liturgy

At Trinity it is a priority to intentionally give our children opportunities to explore and develop their spiritual and leadership gifts and to make every effort to help them feel included and valued in the faith life of this community.  Our annual Children’s Advent Liturgy is an important event which allows us to work toward these goals.  Normally held on the 4th Sunday of Advent, this morning worship service is led almost entirely by Trinity’s children and youth.

Many children thoroughly enjoy reading and singing during worship and eagerly sign up for multiple parts; several have participated since they were preschoolers and have developed some strong leadership skills over the years.  For those children who are not as confident doing things “in front of people,” we try to provide non-speaking parts and other ways to get involved, in order to include as many children as are interested in participating.

Trinity’s Advent Liturgy is not a traditional “Christmas Program” which seeks to showcase the talents of individual children for the amusement and gratification of doting relatives.  Rather, it is an invitation to collaboration, community, and leadership development and is structured to give children the best possible chance of feeling included and successful.  Every year, folks remark on how seriously the children take their leadership roles and how rich and meaningful worship is on this special day.