Infant Nursery

Care for infants through 2 years old is provided every Sunday morning during worship in our pleasant and well-equipped nursery.  A rotating group of caregivers allows many in the congregation to carry out their baptismal promises to Trinity children in a tangible way.


Toddler Nursery

Experts agree that the early years are crucial for the healthy development and growth of young children.  This is as true for soul nurture as it is for physical, emotional, and psychological development.  Sometimes we put great emphasis on providing children with the latest educational toys, while neglecting the vital things that nurture spirit.

Trinity’s Little Lambs program, which meets on all non-worship-center-Sundays, is designed to meet the spiritual needs of children from around the age of 2 to 4 years old.  While parents worship in the sanctuary, their children experience directed and free play, an abbreviated worship and response time, an introduction to the most essential faith stories, and snack time in a safe and engaging setting.