child and youth protection policy

Those who work with children and youth at Trinity Reformed Church are responsible for fostering a nurturing environment where young people may grow in the Christian faith. An important factor in creating a nurturing environment is establishing trust. Children, youth, and their families need to be able to depend on Trinity Reformed Church to be a safe place and to trust those who minister to children here on Christ’s behalf. Leaders and helpers need to reflect Christ in all of their contacts with children, remembering that they are “Christ with skin on” to these young people. Knowing that violence is very much a part of our world and our lives today, we endeavor, with this policy, to raise awareness in the church and reduce the risk that the violence of the world will enter into our ministries.

The goal of Trinity’s child protection policy is to protect the integrity of God’s name and to create a community of safety and trust for all who participate in any way with the life of the congregation.   This policy was developed by a task force commissioned by the administrative elders of Trinity Reformed Church and applies to all ministries to children from birth to 18 years of age. It was adopted by the administrative elders in August, 1998 and revised with the approval of the Trustees in 2005.

For more information, please contact the church office.