links This is our denomination’s website.  There is helpful material on the site (official liturgies, creeds, confessions…). This is our classis’ website.  Each congregation of the Reformed Church belongs to regional bodies for accountability and support, ours is called the North Grand Rapids Classis.  Contact information for our churches, ministries and leadership can be found on the site. This is the website of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.  The WCRC is the international gathering of Reformed and Presbyterian congregations representing about 100 million Christians. This is the website of our partnered congregation, Baraka B Presbyterian Church, in Bethlehem.  Contact our Global Mission , in Bethlehem.  Contact our Global Mission Team for more information on this partnership.

Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought This is the link to the website of a helpful source for theological articles, book reviews, poetry and devotional writings.  This is the link to the Food Pantry and Resource Center located in our church basement.  Trinity started the pantry about 30 years ago.  The NWFP is now a multi-congregational effort to share mercy on the westside.