ministry teams

Ministry Teams are our basic ministry structure of the church.  Working under the guidance of either the Board of Elders or Board of Deacons, each team is formed around a particular ministry of the church.  For instance, the Youth Ministry Team is a small group gathered to give leadership and vision to our youth ministries.  That being said, each ministry team is much more than a glorified “committee”, as each team is really a living and growing small group of believers working out of their passions and spiritual gifts.  Such gifts and passions thus feed into and work from our overall vision of all of life to experience God’s reconciling love.  Deb Swanson gives leadership to the overall ministry team structure.

These are our current ministry teams: Children’s Ministry Team, Neighborhood Mission Team, Adult Discipleship Team, Worship Ministry Team, Global Mission Team, Youth Ministry Team and the Space and Theology Team.  Also in current forms of discussion and involvement are Care ministries and a Communication Team.