Staff Contact Information

Our office is open Monday through Thursday, from 10 AM-4 PM and by appointment.
Our office telephone number is 616-451-4131.
Email the church office at


DSC_0204Sarah Bruins serves as one of our Co-Pastors;
(616) 451-4131 2#,





Benjamin Bruins serves as one of our Co-Pastors;
(616) 451-4131 1#,




Becky Dykhuis serves as our Coordinator of Connection & Engagement; (616) 451-4131,

Keith Harris serves as our Building Manager, coordinating the use of the facilities; (616) 451-4131,

DSC_0229Linda Stark-Ensing serves as our Office Manager;
(616) 451-4131 0#,







Trinity is blessed by various diaconal partnerships and seminary interns that join in our work of service.

DSC_0268 (4)Sarah Boluyt coordinates the Northwest Food Pantry;
(616) 451-4036,




DSC_0268 (3)Waverly Knight helps coordinate the Northwest Food Pantry and is our Community Kitchen Cook.





Rick Hoffman teaches at our Mighty Readers literacy program.
Ruth Swier is our lead teacher for Mighty Readers;

DSC_0241The Rev. Robyn Saylor coordinates Sunrise Ministries
(working on disability concerns within the church);
(616) 451-4131 4#,