Staff Contact Information

Our office is open Tuesday through Thursday, from 9 AM-2 PM and by appointment.
Our office telephone number is 616-451-4131.
Email the church office at


DSC_0204Sarah Bruins serves as one of our Co-Pastors;
(616) 451-4131 2#,





Benjamin Bruins serves as one of our Co-Pastors;
(616) 451-4131 1#,




Amanda McElroy serves as our Children’s Ministries Coordinator; (616) 451-4131,

Becky Dykhuis serves as our Coordinator of Connection & Engagement; (616) 451-4131,

Keith Harris serves as our Building Manager, coordinating the use of the facilities; (616) 451-4131,

DSC_0229Linda Stark-Ensing serves as our Office Manager;
(616) 451-4131 0#,







Trinity is blessed by various diaconal partnerships and seminary interns that join in our work of service.

DSC_0268 (4)Sarah Boluyt coordinates the Northwest Food Pantry;
(616) 451-4036,




DSC_0268 (3)Waverly Knight helps coordinate the Northwest Food Pantry and is our Community Kitchen Cook.




DSC_0241The Rev. Robyn Saylor coordinates Sunrise Ministries
(working on disability concerns within the church);
(616) 451-4131 4#,