Trinity is blessed by various diaconal partnerships and seminary interns that join this contact list of our staff.  If you have problems making connections with any staff, partners or interns, feel free to call the church office (451-4131):

Sarah Boluyt, director of Northwest Food Pantry (451-4036)

Becky Fraser, YET teacher

Revs. Bruce and Vicky Menning, Ministers Emeriti

Janet Miller, children’s coordinator (451-4131 x3,

Susan Penkas, administrative assistant (451-4131 x0,

Rev. Robyn Saylor, sunrise ministries/friendship ministries (451-4131 x4,

Rev. Katrina Schaafsma, acting pastor (451-4131 x1,

Deb Stapley, Community Kitchen coordinator (

Garret Szantner, pastoral associate for youth and care (

Lori Westers, custodian (451-4131 x0,

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