At Trinity we care about loving our neighbors in tangible ways. Jesus cared deeply about the social causes around him, and so do we. We seek to be active participants for the sake of following Jesus — for the purpose of glorifying God by through acts of justice, empowerment, and love.


Diversity Team

Trinity's Diversity Team meets regularly for the purpose of dialogue and creating tangible opportunities for congregants to respond and be light in the darkness around issues related to inclusion, reconciliation, advocacy, and activism. To learn more or find out about upcoming meetings, contact Bruce Menning

Creation Care

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it," says Psalm 24:1, and just as God placed human beings "in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it" (Gen. 2:15), we are called to be stewards of the natural world. At Trinity we believe that creation care is an important social issue of our day and that the time has come for us to take intentional steps toward more effective environmental stewardship. This attitude affects the food we eat and share, the cups we use on Sunday mornings for coffee, and our energy use at home and at church. We encourage one another to work for the protection and care of God's creation in ways that honor the dignity and welfare of human beings.

Global Missions

God’s kingdom is so much bigger than Grand Rapids and God’s family includes people from all races, cultures, and countries. This is the  beauty of God’s diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Church. At Trinity, global outreach is aimed at building strategic relationships to reach specific regions of the world with God’s transforming love.
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Re-member Trip

Re-Member brings more than 1,200 volunteers to Pine Ridge each year for week-long working vacations, with an emphasis on cultural exchange. Trinity is planning to take a group of adults and youth on a Re-member Trip the summer of 2018.
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