At Trinity Reformed Church we worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. 

Worship is the central hub of our week as persons from all types of backgrounds gather in our well-worn wooden chairs to celebrate God’s story of salvation. Trinity is an egalitarian, open and affirming congregation, and all God's people are welcome—to worship, to participate in the life of the church, to serve, to respond when called to leadership, and to belong. We warmly embrace the form and freedom of our liturgy and appreciate the breadth of scriptural witness provided by the lectionary. We celebrate communion (gluten free) weekly, and baptized children and adults are all welcomed at the table. 

In worship we experience God's reconciling love, we hear Christ's redemptive story anew and our lives are transformed by the presence of the Holy Spirit, enabling us to share God's reconciling love with our neighbors and the world.

As we plan and lead worship at Trinity these values guide us:

  • Scripture provides words, images and practices for worship.
  • Worship is sacramental, we are called to celebrate baptism and communion together as means of grace.
  • Celebrating the church year (Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, and Easter) provides rhythm and enables God’s full, rich story to be told.
  • Worship is rooted, historical and liturgical and at the same time responsive and culturally engaging.
  • Worship is planned and led with excellence – we bring our best — and with authenticity – we bring our real selves into God’s presence!
  • We celebrate being connected to worshipers around the world and across time.
  • We remember God is majestic, sovereign, holy and God is near, Emmanuel, “Jesus, friend of sinners”.
  • We recognize the deep connection between worship and mission, God gathers us and God sends us.
  • Worship involves both head (let the word of Christ dwell in you richly) and heart (with thankfulness in your hearts)
  • Worship is both vertical – glorifying God - and horizontal – showing hospitality to all.
  • Worship is celebration and worship is being still in God’s presence
  • Worship is an event and worship is all of life.

The mystery of divine worship then is when: “The veil is thinnest" revealing and forming a rich communion of relationships between God and people, between people who cross all barriers of language, place and time and between the church and the world.